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About me

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Sabine van Baaren,
born in Baarn / Netherlands

Sabine van Baaren is the daughter of a music producer. Her home environment was an artistic one, and that home shifted periodically from her native Holland to Belgium and France.
Her professional singing career began at the tender age of eight, as she participated in the studio with Herman van Veen and Corry Brokken.

1983 she arrived in Germany, where she began to live and work as a full-time professional singer and musician. She was the founder of „VOCALEROS“, a multi-cultural A-Capella-Group and released two CD´s with them followed by placement in the CD charts, countless national and international concerts and festival performances, i.e. Leverkusener Jazztage, North Sea Festival and also in Taiwan.

She has composed many songs for other artist and has graced the concerts, musicals and recordings of various esteemed colleagues from all over the world, such as Jon Lord, Pe Werner, Trio Rio, Charlie Mariano, Phil Carmen, Fury in the Slaughterhouse, Winnie Hsin, Peter Kraus, Purple Schulz, Sydney Youngblood, Mick Karn, Miguel Rios, to name just a few.

2005 she recorded her first solo CD “Whatever Comes” with co-arranger Matthias Krauss and invited wonderful guests such as saxophone-player Charlie Mariano, drummer Bert Smaak and her formal „Vocaleros“ co-singer, Stephan Scheuss .

She played solo concerts on various stages, finally, missing the interaction of a musical partner, she found her Dream Musician in Mark Joggerst, with whom she started their project “A WA KE" now named : "JVB". They ve released 3 CDs, Remember who you are , single CD Mother Earth and the new double CD Visions and Dreams. www.jvanbmusic.com

In all of those years which she spent in Germany she was also very passionately inspired by spiritual themes and learned many forms of mediation that led to beginn with the laying on of hands for her clients. This gift and form of work extended to her voice as well and therefore gave birth to a unique and very special form of art which is deeply moving and reaches far beyond obiviously perceivable realms. She has been bringing this individual art out into the world for several years now, both on stage as well as as a healer.

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Here is a review of our CD REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE, and our Concert in Cologne 2017 written by Tracy Frank Meyer:

When Sabine van Baaren, whom I refer to as She with the Lovely Smile, invited me to her and pianist Mark Joggerst’s concert, I didn’t know what to expect. Sabine entered the room with a chant that came from somewhere deep within her soul. Could it be Hebraic or the echoes from an ancient Mayan civilization? Before I had time to consider this, Mark began to accompany her on his piano. Everyone sat back, relaxed, or as did a few of their fans, stretched out on pillows on the floor.

This soul sister sings music for the soul. Seriously. She is a healer, a songwriter and has the voice of an angel. Her harmonies are consistent and clean and light and inspiring and make you believe that the world really is a good place. Mark’s mastery of his craft compliments Sabine in such a way that he seems to make the music emanating from the piano keys, float all around her while gently yet at times strongly, telling his own story.

Open your eyes, open your mouth, feel and taste the joy of living”. Lyrics and music composed with the key to all that’s good in life and all the wonders life has to offer–a far, far cry away from a baby handcuff key.

Bravo You with the Lovely Smile and Marc. Thank you for the invite! Looking forward to the next time!



Some more feedback on my voice, my work and CDs:

Feedback from the wonderful Jon Lord, Bless his soul..:

"I have just listened to some of your work Sabine and I was really, really touched by your
sound and the depth of your feeling. You have a God-given voice my darling. Nice piano player too!

I miss you and I have enormously happy memories of making music with you.
Maybe one day......?

God bless

Much love and Auf Wiederhören/sehen.

Jon" (Jon Lord)

"Sabine has been attending my healing festival many times in the past. Sheis a wonderful healer, she heals singing to people.
When my mother had her fist accident falling when she was 80, both of us went to the hospital. Smaine sang to her and I coul feel those dark dooming clouds dissaper.
It filled my mother with so much hope and love, that she was able to recover very fast"

Annette Müller / san esprit


"I've been listening to Whatever comes in these last couple of days non stop, I played this song for my friends at a dinner party and everybody instantly loved it."

"We have just listened to your amazing tune whatever comes. You have a God-given talent and we will be following your inevitable future successes!!!! it's an honor to be your friends & fans. "

"I've been listening to Whatever comes in these last couple of days non stop, I played this song for my friends at a dinner party and everybody instantly loved it. "

"I listened to more of your work, and I am just floored. Maria is my favorite!"

"Are you going to shoot video for WHATEVER COMES? THis tune is amazing!"

"Wow - you are amazing - I've already shared your page on my twitter and I can't stop listening!   "

Your music sounds better than radio stations spin nowadays. "


"Hi Sabine. I listened to some of your songs. They are beautiful and reach my soul.

your music stirred up emotions. I could only listen to it when by myself. Your voice was equivalent and moving as nature's elements. Beautiful.
Your music is healing and needs to be out there.
Sandi wilson"


"WOW !!!This is so beautiful!  Loooove it !!