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sound healing - light languages

The light languages in which I sing and speak come from Source, and transmit high vibrational energies and frequencies. They can create awareness and open access to innate wisdom and knowledge. They may even open doors to other worlds, higher realms, where anything is possible.

These sound transmissions touch you wherever it is needed, helping you to release blockages, eliminate density and anxiety and raise the vibrational frequency of your body, mind and soul. They are tender, loving and yet powerful, and can be perceived on many different levels: physically, emotionally or with visions, depending on which senses are more active within you.

Following the transmission, I will offer you to linger in silence for a moment before we share how you are feeling and what has happened within you.
Notice that the energies will continue to work in you for a few days until the necessary transformation is complete. Every session is unique and new. It aims to bring new insights, healing support and a stronger connection to your soul and spirit team.

These sessions are not a substitute for a doctor, therapist or other necessary healing methods but a complementary support.

experience the energy

living lighter

sound healing

group sessions

Group sessions, which I call “Voice to Heart” are live broadcasts, both in spiritually oriented centers and online. Each evening has a theme. Guided by both my soul and Source, I receive healing sounds and messages in light languages for the group, which I transmit with my voice.

how it works

After everyone has shared their thoughts and wishes, I invite them to close their eyes, open their hearts and enjoy the experience, receptive to the sound healing transmission I provide.

When the transmission is over, we stay in silence for a while, followed by a talk in which we may share what we have felt, seen or received. Some prefer to remain in silence, leaving the room before the sharing segment.

Each session and its sounds are unique, lending energetic support on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. These energies will continue to work for a few days until the necessary transformation is completed.

The sessions are not a substitute for a doctor, therapist or other necessary healing methods, but meant as a complementary support.

Practical information

how long are the group sessions?

Between 1 and 2 hours


Online or in a group space

For prices & dates, please check my calendar
To book a session, please email me

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sound healing

private sessions

We begin the session speaking about what is happening in your sphere and pointing out where you may need my support, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

how it works

When you are ready, open and receptive to receive, I will invite you to close your eyes and listen to the sounds and speech in light languages. These are produced and offered just for you, lovingly inspired by my guides and Source.

for whom?

This method is also recommended for couples (mother and child, siblings, life partners, etc.) and as pregnancy support.

The sessions are not a substitute for a doctor, therapist or other necessary healing methods, but meant as a complementary support.

Practical information

how long is a session?

Sessions are either 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 2 or more hours, as needed.  
I recommend the 90 minutes sessions, to begin with.


These are held either online or in my space.

Doe online sessions work just as well?

Healing vibrations and energy work have no physical boundary and can always arrive anywhere if desired. It goes beyond the concept of time and space. I have had very beautiful and valuable experiences with people via online/distance sessions for many years.

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personalized recording

Personal sound healing recording, to support and inspire you whenever you want and need.

how it works

Send me your name, birthdate and a picture, so I can connect to you. I then set the intention that this recording will support you each time you listen to it. This is a sound healing that I receive especially and only for you.You will then receive a link that enables you to download the recording on your computer and phone.

how to use it

At best, listen to the recording when you have made space for personal time for yourself. Maybe sit in a quiet room, in your favorite place, or in bed with your eyes closed. Open yourself to what the recording wants to offer you, without trying to make sense of the light languages. You can also support the process by saying: I am open and receptive to the vibrations of this Sound Healing. Allow the vibrations to do the work.

If you fall asleep, no problem. You probably needed a good rest. Listen to the recording as often as you like. Keep in mind, however, that your body might need time to integrate it.  

Practical information

how long is the recording?

Your personal recording will be about 20 to 30 minutes long. It is not a song with lyrics, rather a guided Sound Healing in light languages, both spoken and sung.  

can I share it with others?

This personal recording is not meant to be listened to by others, it is only for you.  

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pregnancy support

Personal accompaniment with conversation and healing sounds for you and your baby during pregnancy and post-partum.


During monthly one-on-one meetings (online or in person), I will give you valuable impulses and support.


A personal sound healing recording for you to listen to whenever you need it and which can also be helpful during birth.

welcome recording

When your wonderful baby is born, I will record an individual welcome tape, which will lovingly accompany the baby in the first year. It is for example very suitable to help the baby fall asleep.

Practical information

What is in the package?

12 monthly meetings (online or in person) and two personal recordings:
- one for you to listen during pregnancy and/or birth
- one for your baby to accompany them during their first year of life

can i also order just one or the other?

of course.

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Songs, mantras and Sound Healings.

Whatever Comes
Songs, prayers and mantras

Remember Who You Are
Sabine van Baaren & Mark Joggerst

Mother Earth  
Sabine van Baaren & Mark Joggerst
A two track album, with one song and one improvisation

Visions and Dreams  
Sabine van Baaren & Mark Joggerst
A double CD with songs (Visions) and improvisations & Sound Healings (Dreams)

Soundhealing recordings
You can order downloads from the many various sound healing recordings already in existence. I will send you a choice of themes, you may choose what you like and I’ll send you a link to the corresponding download.

Améha Chants  
Chants to listen and singalong to

Nokkos Singalongsong  
Singalong songs in fantasy sounds

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practice with me

connect to your inner strength

Circle of joy

We sing all kinds of chants together and create new sounds. We experience the power of singing in a group, which can be funny or serious, and often quite intense, deep, and loving.

Tune in

We create a sacred space in which to learn to open up to sacred sounds. We meditate, explore new vocal fields and light languages. I teach tools and insights acquired over the years. Then, we exchange and share our individual experiences.

soul talk

We learn to listen to our souls, communicating with each other in the group.  We sit in silence, we ask the groupsouls for messages, followed by the  sharing of our experiences, the wisdom and visions we received for the group. A very special and beautiful experience that I warmly recommend.

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Yearly retreat in the south of France or weekends in Belgium and the Netherlands, retreats are an enrichment for body, mind and soul.

Everyday we have a varied program of meditations, singing, rituals and more. We also visit villages and special places, sharing our experiences and cooking together. There is always room for profound conversations and plenty of laughter and tears.

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We sing together in a group to raise our vibration and to feel inspired and joyful.  I guide the group with easy melodies, chants or circle singing. We improvise together, experiencing and creating new sounds within the group.  

sing along albums

Nokkos Singalongsong  
Singalong songs in fantasy sounds

Améha Chants  
Chants to listen and singalong to‍

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Améha choir

Learn and sing my Améha Chants and other uplifting, relaxing music together.

Practical information

How often do you meet?

The Améha choir meets once a month.

Do I need experience in Choir singing?

No previous experience is necessary. We practice simple melodies, train listening skills and sing together in a relaxed setting with like-minded people without pressure or expectations. Just bring a desire to sing and an openness to engage in new experiences.

how much does it cost?

1 session: €18
3 sessions: €45
Possible discount for low income individuals.

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join the choir
learn the craft

unlock your spiritual abilities

Holistic Voice Coaching

I'm happy to help you unfold your voice, activate self-confidence and self-love, trust yourself, express yourself clearly and authentically, gain strength, and to be courageous and full of joy.

Let's find what you need together!

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After more than 22 years of practice, it is now my privilege to share my knowledge and mentor those in search of their own healing voices. You can meet with me for sessions aiming at accessing your own gift and unlocking your own path towards helping others.

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