unique experiences

A little boy and his mum

A mother of a 7 year old boy contacted me for a session, because she felt that her son was becoming more and more closed, introverted and was rejecting her. ,She wished for more trust, access and closeness with him. We didn't know each other, I had only talked to her on the phone.

I'm always excited about what the first meeting will be like.

The doorbell rang and so I opened the door.

There before me stood a woman and a smiling little boy. ,Without hesitation, the little boy went into the house. He immediately took me by the hand, led me up to the stairs, and went directly upstairs to my workroom, where he had never been before and which he himself had never seen!

I can hardly describe what an incredible feeling it was!

How did he know that my room was upstairs and with what instinct had he had the courage to just take my hand, and lead me there...?

We sat down, followed by the mother who had come upstairs after us.

He wanted to sit on my lap, which the mother and I allowed him to do. , I was so touched by everything that happened, that tears just ran down my face for a moment while I hugged him...

I then laid them both on the bench, mother and son. They hugged each other and I sang impulses that gave pleasant healing vibrations for both of them.

When the two of them were lying on the bench, I could only give thanks for the wonderful precious moments, the gifts, the opening of the heart that had happened... The trust between the two of them was fully there again... So beautiful!

Mother and child both left very happy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

May you both continue to be so warmly connected!

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A wound in the leg

An elderly lady came to me with severe tension in her neck, emotional stress, sadness and worry. I sat her down on a chair and put my hands on her shoulders and let the energies flow in. Then I sat down across from her and got the impulse to touch her left leg and put my hand on it below her knee.

She was quite surprised and said that right there on that leg was an open wound that would not heal and would not close. I was very touched by this. How wonderful how intuition and guidance had led me to the place where it was important to let energies flow in.

When the session was over, she was visibly in less pain, seemed relaxed and she was very grateful and touched. She came back a week later to tell me, among other things, that the wounds on her leg had healed and her shoulder pain was much less.

We kept in touch and from time to time she called for help for her, for her husband or her daughter. Now she passed away some time ago at a ripe old age. May she be blessed with her loved ones and ancestors on the "other" side.

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Is there a past life?

A client was led to me by her husband. She had never had anything to do with healing work or anything like that, so she asked me how everything works and what could come up. I explained some things to her and then I started. She was lying on the couch and during the session everything felt good.

At the end of the session she started crying and asked me if it was possible to dive into another past life.

We hadn't talked about it before because it wasn't clear to me at the time if it was possible during a session. But that it could be possible to dive into past lives, I could imagine that. I asked her why she was crying and why she wanted to know this.

Then she told me that she had seen herself in another time. , She saw herself dying in a lifetime of grief and pain and never having processed trauma. She told what she had seen happen in that past life, and likewise she had realized that that pain and grief was still lingering in her present life. She had felt that during the session with me, this pain would be pulled out of her bodies. She had clearly felt during the session how everything was happening and how they would be released from it at the same time in the now.

We were both very touched by this very deep experience. The old trauma was dissolved!

We exchanged ideas for a while and I gave her a book about reincarnation from my shelf and wished her good luck and joy.

For me this was such a special experience. ,First, how everything is guided. How people are led to me, that her husband brought her to me, he had followed his impulse. That she had this vision and especially also that everything was allowed to dissolve !


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Tuning into a new language

Many years ago I was at a workshop of a Brazilian, Teresa Maciel. ,She had a translator who translated everything from Portuguese to German.

During the lunch break we all sat together, but without the translator, because she was away for a short time. Unfortunately, we could not speak Portuguese, so we were with Teresa Maciel at the table but we could not speak with her because we did not understand anything...))

Suddenly something happened in me, completely unplanned. I don't know what happened to me, but suddenly I could understand Teresa and translate everything she said. I was quite flabbergasted.

Everyone took the chance to ask her questions, which of course I was happy to translate. It would be a very nice lunch and for me a very exciting event which I never forgot...

It's not that I know Portuguese since then: it didn't last, but still a gift to be able to experience that.

I suppose that there is something like language fields, like the quantum fields, where you can tune in and then, for example, as it was the case with me, someone can suddenly speak Portuguese or the light language.

What an exciting topic, isn't it?

Have you ever experienced something like that?

Feel free to let me know!

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Choosing death - did I fail?

Sometimes I have to deal with very emotional challenges and go through deep shifts myself before understanding the reason for it all.

That’s how it went in the next case: a woman called me and asked me to come to her husband who was in a very helpless state. He had an advanced form of cancer and she hoped that I could help him.

I went there with a slightly uneasy feeling. It is a painful sight to see someone suffer like that. I was filled with sadness and felt uncertain about whether I could help him

The man was lying in bed. I introduced myself and explained my purpose for being there. Carefully, I sat down next to him on the edge of the bed and gently placed my hands on him. We immediately had a loving connection and it was as if we had known each other for a long time. It felt very special. The session had a warm quality to it and I left feeling like I had met fantastic individuals.

A week later his wife reached out to me again and asked for another session, which I happily agreed to.

When I visited him again, I was completely taken aback. He looked much worse than before my first visit and I was immediately overcome with guilt, as if I had caused this. I went to his wife and approached her about it. She hugged me and said that she was very grateful for my visit. She told me that her husband had been resisting his passing, and that that had been such a dark journey that they both ended up feeling hopeless. Through the first session, a peace had come over him. He finally let go and stopped fighting.

I felt partially relieved by her perspective and of course deeply sad that he wasn’t going to make it, because of how much I would have loved to see him rise… I gave him another healing session and we said a loving goodbye afterwards. He died in peace a few days later. 

I realized that everything has a purpose, even if it looks different from what I had hoped for.

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Am I light?

We were sitting with 16 people in a circle, in Bonn, in the Albert Schweizer Haus. It was a "Voice to Heart" group healing evening.
It began as usual: after the atunement I sang, which for the group arose from the moment. The people sat relaxed with closed eyes and listened, felt, went on "journeys" and lived their personal experiences with what was happening in the singing.

But this time it was very different. Such a profound experience happened that I feel compelled to share it.

I had been singing for a while, when I started to feel my body dissolve. Very gently, the outlines of my body faded, more and more light filled the room, inside me and around me. I felt how I totally expanded and everything that I was slowly became only light. The whole contours of my body had disappeared!

My feeling and thinking were clearly there and I watched the happening and the transformation with amazement and thought:

"What happens if I now dissolve completely and am only light?

What happens if I just stop sitting in the room and am gone when people open their eyes?

Can I continue to engage in the experience now, or is it dangerous?

What if I die now?"

I felt that all was well and I could surrender to the experience. Meanwhile, I continued to chant, expanding more and more, becoming less and less physical body and more and more pure light and consciousness.

At some point it felt as if all outlines of my earthly being were completely gone. Only my thinking and my singing were still there. I gave myself mindfully to the happening and observed further.

When the singing was over, I breathed deeply and felt how my body felt physical again and was also quickly fully there again. All as if it had never happened.

I had never had such an incredible feeling in my life. What a miracle… what a gift… What had happened there? Is this what is meant by " we are light"? Words cannot describe how it felt, but maybe you feel it ?

It was an absolutely unique experience, a divine gift, which for me will probably resonate forever in my heart.

But then when the people came back into their own with all their senses, an exchange took place, as always. I did not mention anything about my experience, and listened gratefully and joyfully to what people had experienced during the singing.

Finally, two people sitting to the right of me spoke one after the other and both told me the same thing without having spoken to each other: both had opened their eyes in between during the meditation and looked at me and noticed that I was no longer sitting there, but only light.

There I was puffed... So it was not an illusion, but it had actually happened and two people had seen it with their own eyes?

Until today this experience touches me when I think about it. I like to share it with you, because it is one of my absolute High "lights".

I thank from the bottom of my heart the people who were there and shared this experience with me. The vibrations that were created there, of course also by all the participants, by the source, the light beings, the helpers, by the singing, by me and my soul… through this miracle could happen...

Thank you, thank you, thank you ♡

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Chanting your own name

Some time ago I found a great exercise by an American who said that it is very healing to chant your own first name.

No sooner said than done, I started right away and chanted "Sabine"

Nothing happened...


But I didn't give up and chose to try a second time and this time I felt my heart and with this heart energy I went again to sing my name. It was joyful and beautiful and deeper and deeper "it" began to work in me.

Suddenly I felt an energy from the earth into my feet, it continued to flow up my body, through my chakra channel as I continued to chant and when the energy reached the top, at the crown chakra, it flowed out of my head into the universe.

That was not all: at the exact moment it flowed out the top, I suddenly saw hundreds of dolphins swimming around me and we were united together in a beautiful energy.

This gift I will have forever in my heart and I am very grateful for this experience!

I can suggest you to chant your name as well. You can heal so much in you with it...

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Embraced by the Light

One day I read a beautiful book, "The spirit of the sun". A beautiful story of a couple in search of the spirit of the sun in Syria.

That morning I was sitting on my couch reading a chapter when suddenly a bright radiant light unfolded around me and completely enveloped me, from top to bottom, from all sides...!

I sat completely enveloped in this light and could hardly believe what was happening to me... I didn't dare to move anymore and stayed sitting very still with the open book on my lap, while I enjoyed this incredible experience.

What exactly had happened and why it happened to me I don't know to this day, but it was a great gift that I will not forget!

I finished the book and of course I often hoped that the light would come again, but it was not so. I realized that such experiences are unique gifts that will not be repeated.

I lent the book to a loved one and never got it back. But who knows, maybe it will find its way back to me someday... or the light will continue to make its way to you… ?

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Heavenly greetings

During the vocal Sound Healing event with the Topic "Remember who you are" I suddenly had the impulse to take the photo of my deceased parents out of the closet again, which I had put away the day before. I had the feeling that it had been put away too soon. My father had only died less than half a year ago. So I got it out again that evening and found a nice place in my room for it.

The next morning I woke up with a song in my head. It was one of the songs that had been played at my father's funeral. A great song, by the way! "From this place" - by Pat Metheny.

While drinking my morning coffee, I was thinking about it while I felt a kind of pressure building up in my chest area. So I decided to listen to the song and thought, surely this will bring some sadness up. , But no, there were no tears at all, but a lot of goosebumps instead, I felt totally beautiful!

Afterwards I wanted to hear the recording from the last evening event, I tried to play it but my computer (or heaven..?) had obviously different plans...

The music program in my computer freely chooses what song comes next and guess what? The next song that came right after was the song that had played at my mother's funeral! Amazing…

I didn't want to listen to it at first, but there was nothing I could do, it couldn't be stopped, even when I was trying, so I decided to listen to it. I was quite speechless I must confess.

Again a lot of goosebumps and this time a happy feeling, because it is a happy birthday song, which I wrote and recorded many years ago for my mom and which was her wish to be played for her funeral.
So I gave thanks for the two heavenly greetings from my parents, so beautiful, isn't it?

Heavenly greetings can also find their way to us with songs. What heavenly greetings have you ever received?

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Lost and hopeless

A woman found her way to me, completely desperate, confused, no longer able to make decisions and on the verge of complete hopelessness.

We talked about everything that was bothering her, where she was at the moment and what decisions were tormenting her.

I laid her on the couch and began with appropriate prayers, arising in the moment, to send out spoken impulses to the heavenly realms of light to be allowed to receive the healing uplifting purifying vibrations that would be important for her.

The intuitive singing this time was filled with security and comfort. With light touches of my hands here and there, I ended at her feet.

When I was finished, I asked how she was doing.

She opened her eyes, looked at me, paused for a moment, and then said in complete amazement, "I'm happy!"

What a gift!

I was at least as amazed as you and also totally happy about this announcement and that this was allowed to happen!

After another exchange, we said a very warm goodbye.

I felt as richly gifted as she probably was!

A few weeks later I wrote to her to inquire about her health. She was still doing very well, she wrote.

She had also made the necessary important decisions and was coping much better with everything. , She was singing and listening to the mantras from my sing-along CD very often and she felt clear.

I bow down for the great power and blessing that once again gave us so richly!

Thank you... thank you, thank you !

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Looking for the inner child

A woman who had become blind in the course of her life asked me for a session. When we met,  ,I had a bit difficulties.  ,I felt something about her I didn't like.  ,I didn't know what it was but you all know that feeling of meeting someone and you feel a rejection inside towards that person.  ,I was faced with a dilemma, how should I let the vibrations flow, if I couldn't open my heart to her the way I wanted to, what should I do now? I had promised to help her, so I wanted to find a way.

I decided to pray and asked for help on how I could open my heart to her and get involved with her. That's when I got a very beautiful impulse. Something inside me said:

"Imagine her as the little girl she once was..."

And poof,  ,in my inner eye I saw a little girl in front of me, all loving, radiant and innocent! My heart opened immediately and so I could let flow wonderful energies for the woman!

We had a pleasant exchange afterwards, we were both happy and I went home grateful.

How easy it can be to open our hearts to someone who we at first feel uncomfortable with… imagine this person as if it were a child!

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The painting that called me

At a vernissage I was invited to sing about the paintings of different artists. A wonderful work, which I like very much and with which I have already experienced many "miracles".

This time I was just on one floor with the audience and looked around which picture appeals to me. , Suddenly I saw a painting standing apart on the floor, which called me magically.

So I asked the painter if I could sing for the painting and after a slight hesitation she said ok. She had deliberately not put it up, but she let me do what I felt. The call to do so was extremely strong in me.

As I stood in front of it, a very intense chant emerged. When I was finished, I asked the painter what the painting was about. She told me that she had not wanted to present the painting, because it had an extremely sad history. She told me that she had painted the picture after someone in her immediate circle of acquaintances, his family and himself had taken their life and then came to her the impulse to paint the picture to process the grief.

Silence in me, breathe, air... Grief... oooh...

Now I understood why my soul had led me to this picture. It took a lot of healing for this family...

May this family have found peace.

Besides my grief for what tragically happened, I was also completely fascinated by the fact that my soul/guidance had led me to this picture.

So I keep experiencing anew what it is like to be truly guided, to be open and willing to surrender to the impulses of the guidance.

Magical moments and healing can happen on the deepest level and these miracles reveal to us that everything is connected.

So I am always grateful for such special encounters and may much more healing and miracles happen in this beautiful world.

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Vision of a baby

A woman had found my flyer somewhere in Cologne. She called me and asked for help for her niece who desperately wanted to have children, but this did not succeed, which made her very sad.

Of course I can never promise anything and I only help when people wish to receive the service I offer. So I told the woman that if her niece would want to come, I would be happy to receive her.

I said to consider that I cannot "just" dissolve everything and fulfill all desires. This is not in my power, but I would be happy to accompany her and maybe a blockage could be released and some things could be set in motion.

The aunt had informed the niece. The niece was interested and open to it and came a few days later for a session.

After our talk, I sang an intuitive chant for her while she was sitting with eyes and prayed for helpful impulses and vibrations to release the blockages.

She began to cry and was visibly moved.

So I asked her how she was and what was going on.

She said she had seen a golden cord connected with a baby coming towards her. This vision had been very touching.

Now I am aware of what our brains can create before clever imaginations and although I wanted to rejoice with her, I remained cautious and told her that this did not mean with certainty that a baby was coming to her. It could also have been a dream image created. She accepted it and was quite relaxed and in a good mood.

We said goodbye warmly with best wishes and I never saw her again.

About a year and a half later the phone rang and the niece called me. Whether I had an appointment free for her aunt.

Gladly I had time and so she booked a voucher.

Shortly before hanging up, she said to me:

"Oh, by the way, my second baby is already on the way..."

"What?" I asked her totally delighted...! How wonderful, from the heart all happiness and joy!!!

Now that was a surprise!!!!

So her dream had come true.

He who does not believe in miracles is not a realist, is he?

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Singing walls

One client had been in a coma for a long time in her life. As a result of that, she became extremely delicate and sensitive. She heard much more than "we" do and many things would simply be too loud for her.

When she first came to me she stepped into my room where I give my healing sessions and immediately said:

"I hear your singing. , It's stored in the walls. I can hear you singing."

This was new to me and amazed me greatly! That it was the case and that she could hear this!

What an exciting knowledge, isn't it?

It would explain a lot why certain rooms feel beautiful and good and others rather dark, heavy, or sad and burdened.

Let's sing our rooms freely with beautiful music... (I have a few tips for which music to choose :-) )

The client also listened to my CDs at her home. , On my solo singing she heard another vibration, as if other levels were singing along. She explained it to me then as if the angels laid on my voice and resonated and sang along.

Maybe it is also the multidimensionality, what we actually really are....

I sincerely thank B. for giving me this wonderful insight.

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Strained relationship

A woman came to me when she was about to end her long term relationship. We talked about what was going on, what possibilities were there, and her grief and insecurity were clearly palpable.

The request was now in the room, the healing field was open and so I asked for helpful impulses for the benefit of all involved.The singing guided and touched her on the levels where it was important, and she felt well and balanced and went home afterwards satisfied.

A few weeks later I received an email from her:

"So much had changed since then that we decided to stay together." she wrote. ,She had gone on vacation with her husband, had had a great time, and she was grateful, happy and content!

Sometimes it's deep old layers, even from past lives, that get to us here on earth. I think we live in the very relationships that show us what blockages are there, because that wants to be released.

With the vibrations of singing, many layers can be released. Old karmic blockages that stand in the way of an open, loving connection can heal. Old mental injuries that we carry within us, that want to hinder us, can be released. When this happens, relationships can reorient themselves, out of the old entanglements and promises, into a new WITH-one another.

This happens on levels that we are not even aware of, often we almost magically attract the "wrong" partner, but that is exactly where the healing potential lies.

We are here to come in harmony, to find unity, in you and in your relationships.

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Pink gloves in the forest

It was the fourth time that I gave my WoMan seminar, in a beautiful seminar room near the forest.

This time I had put cards of Khalil Gibran from Hawaii for all participants, without looking or knowing which ones would be for whom.

Everyone took a seat and one by one each person turned over his/her card and spoke what feelings and themes it brought up.

One in the group brought up the color of her card and said she thought that bright pink was awful.

A little while later I asked again why this color was so bad for her?

She spoke and started to cry. It would have to do with her childhood, being a girl and having to meet so many expectations… deep feelings came up in her. I was grateful that I had brought it up again and that she was so open about it.

A little later we all went out into the woods to a place where we had been many times before and had many powerful experiences. The participant with the pink card did not want to go there this time. She had already been there 2 times, also at this place and she apparently didn't feel so comfortable there and asked if we could go somewhere else. So I decided that we would just walk past it.

On our hiking trail, we then stopped there but briefly and completely amazed we saw then there on an old, cut off remnant of a tree, 2 small pink children's gloves!

Their theme was their childhood, the girl, the color pink and then there were these children's gloves and far and wide no one was to be seen! They were just lying a gift from heaven especially for her!

We were all deeply touched by this "miracle" and I invited the participant to take the pink gloves with her for a while on our hike and then put them back on the way back.

Very touched, she took these little children's gloves and we continued walking. So she could find a lot of peace inside and after some tears she relaxed. When we came back to the place, she was more peaceful, calmer and redeemed. She gratefully put back the gloves and we thanked her for the miracle!

So beautiful what can happen and the group supported everything wonderfully and lovingly!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who was there and especially to the Pink Gloves "Fairies..." !

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New-found hope for life

by Annette Müller.

When my mom fell and broke her hip in 2008, she came to the KH in Trostberg. She was operated. At over 80, she was in a life-threatening condition. At that time Sabine van Baaren happened to be with us at the San Esprit Center to do her Soundhealing Sessions. Of course, we went together to visit my mom in the hospital. I can still see the picture in front of me today. Sabine is sitting on the left side of the hospital bed on a chair very close to her. My mother is full of pain and deepest despair and it was visible and tangible that she had given up.

Sabine begins to sing! The mood in the room changes with every second of her singing. Everything changes. The threatening gives way, fate takes a different course. I feel a presence in the room that is so loving and kind as well as gracious..., and a veil of "all is well" settled over my mother and over all of us. , The very next day, to the surprise of the doctors, she got up again for the first time.

I am still convinced that Sabine's singing saved my mother's life. It gave her back exactly the comfort and hope and confidence and vitality she needed to - continue teaching at our school, (showing how to straighten O and X legs and much more) and to celebrate her 90th birthday in Los Angeles and write her first book.

Dear Sabine - thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your WONDERFUL gift. And I would like to highly recommend YOU all to participate in this Soundhealing Sessions.

Annette Müller

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