Am I light?

We were sitting with 16 people in a circle, in Bonn, in the Albert Schweizer Haus. It was a "Voice to Heart" group healing evening.
It began as usual: after the atunement I sang, which for the group arose from the moment. The people sat relaxed with closed eyes and listened, felt, went on "journeys" and lived their personal experiences with what was happening in the singing.

But this time it was very different. Such a profound experience happened that I feel compelled to share it.

I had been singing for a while, when I started to feel my body dissolve. Very gently, the outlines of my body faded, more and more light filled the room, inside me and around me. I felt how I totally expanded and everything that I was slowly became only light. The whole contours of my body had disappeared!

My feeling and thinking were clearly there and I watched the happening and the transformation with amazement and thought:

"What happens if I now dissolve completely and am only light?

What happens if I just stop sitting in the room and am gone when people open their eyes?

Can I continue to engage in the experience now, or is it dangerous?

What if I die now?"

I felt that all was well and I could surrender to the experience. Meanwhile, I continued to chant, expanding more and more, becoming less and less physical body and more and more pure light and consciousness.

At some point it felt as if all outlines of my earthly being were completely gone. Only my thinking and my singing were still there. I gave myself mindfully to the happening and observed further.

When the singing was over, I breathed deeply and felt how my body felt physical again and was also quickly fully there again. All as if it had never happened.

I had never had such an incredible feeling in my life. What a miracle… what a gift… What had happened there? Is this what is meant by " we are light"? Words cannot describe how it felt, but maybe you feel it ?

It was an absolutely unique experience, a divine gift, which for me will probably resonate forever in my heart.

But then when the people came back into their own with all their senses, an exchange took place, as always. I did not mention anything about my experience, and listened gratefully and joyfully to what people had experienced during the singing.

Finally, two people sitting to the right of me spoke one after the other and both told me the same thing without having spoken to each other: both had opened their eyes in between during the meditation and looked at me and noticed that I was no longer sitting there, but only light.

There I was puffed... So it was not an illusion, but it had actually happened and two people had seen it with their own eyes?

Until today this experience touches me when I think about it. I like to share it with you, because it is one of my absolute High "lights".

I thank from the bottom of my heart the people who were there and shared this experience with me. The vibrations that were created there, of course also by all the participants, by the source, the light beings, the helpers, by the singing, by me and my soul… through this miracle could happen...

Thank you, thank you, thank you ♡