A little boy and his mum

A mother of a 7 year old boy contacted me for a session, because she felt that her son was becoming more and more closed, introverted and was rejecting her. ,She wished for more trust, access and closeness with him. We didn't know each other, I had only talked to her on the phone.

I'm always excited about what the first meeting will be like.

The doorbell rang and so I opened the door.

There before me stood a woman and a smiling little boy. ,Without hesitation, the little boy went into the house. He immediately took me by the hand, led me up to the stairs, and went directly upstairs to my workroom, where he had never been before and which he himself had never seen!

I can hardly describe what an incredible feeling it was!

How did he know that my room was upstairs and with what instinct had he had the courage to just take my hand, and lead me there...?

We sat down, followed by the mother who had come upstairs after us.

He wanted to sit on my lap, which the mother and I allowed him to do. , I was so touched by everything that happened, that tears just ran down my face for a moment while I hugged him...

I then laid them both on the bench, mother and son. They hugged each other and I sang impulses that gave pleasant healing vibrations for both of them.

When the two of them were lying on the bench, I could only give thanks for the wonderful precious moments, the gifts, the opening of the heart that had happened... The trust between the two of them was fully there again... So beautiful!

Mother and child both left very happy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

May you both continue to be so warmly connected!