Singing walls

One client had been in a coma for a long time in her life. As a result of that, she became extremely delicate and sensitive. She heard much more than "we" do and many things would simply be too loud for her.

When she first came to me she stepped into my room where I give my healing sessions and immediately said:

"I hear your singing. , It's stored in the walls. I can hear you singing."

This was new to me and amazed me greatly! That it was the case and that she could hear this!

What an exciting knowledge, isn't it?

It would explain a lot why certain rooms feel beautiful and good and others rather dark, heavy, or sad and burdened.

Let's sing our rooms freely with beautiful music... (I have a few tips for which music to choose :-) )

The client also listened to my CDs at her home. , On my solo singing she heard another vibration, as if other levels were singing along. She explained it to me then as if the angels laid on my voice and resonated and sang along.

Maybe it is also the multidimensionality, what we actually really are....

I sincerely thank B. for giving me this wonderful insight.