New-found hope for life

by Annette Müller.

When my mom fell and broke her hip in 2008, she came to the KH in Trostberg. She was operated. At over 80, she was in a life-threatening condition. At that time Sabine van Baaren happened to be with us at the San Esprit Center to do her Soundhealing Sessions. Of course, we went together to visit my mom in the hospital. I can still see the picture in front of me today. Sabine is sitting on the left side of the hospital bed on a chair very close to her. My mother is full of pain and deepest despair and it was visible and tangible that she had given up.

Sabine begins to sing! The mood in the room changes with every second of her singing. Everything changes. The threatening gives way, fate takes a different course. I feel a presence in the room that is so loving and kind as well as gracious..., and a veil of "all is well" settled over my mother and over all of us. , The very next day, to the surprise of the doctors, she got up again for the first time.

I am still convinced that Sabine's singing saved my mother's life. It gave her back exactly the comfort and hope and confidence and vitality she needed to - continue teaching at our school, (showing how to straighten O and X legs and much more) and to celebrate her 90th birthday in Los Angeles and write her first book.

Dear Sabine - thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your WONDERFUL gift. And I would like to highly recommend YOU all to participate in this Soundhealing Sessions.

Annette Müller