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Sabine has a truly healing voice.

When she tunes in, she gives birth to sounds from other realms and dimensions, reminding us of who we really are.
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I am an intuitive sound healer and singer.

My work is intended to help you to find inner peace, through sound healings with sacred sounds, in group and private sessions, personalized recordings, workshops and retreats, albums and concerts.

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For most of my adult life, perhaps because of my own too-high expectations, I'd felt insecure on stage. Once I even lost my voice for hours prior to a performance...

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Unique experiences

A little boy and his mum

A mother of a 7 year old boy contacted me for a session, because she felt that her son was becoming more and more closed, introverted and was rejecting her. ,She wished for more trust, access and closeness with him. We didn't know each other, I had only talked to her on the phone.

I'm always excited about what the first meeting will be like.

The doorbell rang and so I opened the door.

There before me stood a woman and a smiling little boy. ,Without hesitation, the little boy went into the house. He immediately took me by the hand, led me up to the stairs, and went directly upstairs to my workroom, where he had never been before and which he himself had never seen!

I can hardly describe what an incredible feeling it was!

How did he know that my room was upstairs and with what instinct had he had the courage to just take my hand, and lead me there...?

We sat down, followed by the mother who had come upstairs after us.

He wanted to sit on my lap, which the mother and I allowed him to do. , I was so touched by everything that happened, that tears just ran down my face for a moment while I hugged him...

I then laid them both on the bench, mother and son. They hugged each other and I sang impulses that gave pleasant healing vibrations for both of them.

When the two of them were lying on the bench, I could only give thanks for the wonderful precious moments, the gifts, the opening of the heart that had happened... The trust between the two of them was fully there again... So beautiful!

Mother and child both left very happy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

May you both continue to be so warmly connected!

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A wound in the leg

An elderly lady came to me with severe tension in her neck, emotional stress, sadness and worry. I sat her down on a chair and put my hands on her shoulders and let the energies flow in. Then I sat down across from her and got the impulse to touch her left leg and put my hand on it below her knee.

She was quite surprised and said that right there on that leg was an open wound that would not heal and would not close. I was very touched by this. How wonderful how intuition and guidance had led me to the place where it was important to let energies flow in.

When the session was over, she was visibly in less pain, seemed relaxed and she was very grateful and touched. She came back a week later to tell me, among other things, that the wounds on her leg had healed and her shoulder pain was much less.

We kept in touch and from time to time she called for help for her, for her husband or her daughter. Now she passed away some time ago at a ripe old age. May she be blessed with her loved ones and ancestors on the "other" side.

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Is there a past life?

A client was led to me by her husband. She had never had anything to do with healing work or anything like that, so she asked me how everything works and what could come up. I explained some things to her and then I started. She was lying on the couch and during the session everything felt good.

At the end of the session she started crying and asked me if it was possible to dive into another past life.

We hadn't talked about it before because it wasn't clear to me at the time if it was possible during a session. But that it could be possible to dive into past lives, I could imagine that. I asked her why she was crying and why she wanted to know this.

Then she told me that she had seen herself in another time. , She saw herself dying in a lifetime of grief and pain and never having processed trauma. She told what she had seen happen in that past life, and likewise she had realized that that pain and grief was still lingering in her present life. She had felt that during the session with me, this pain would be pulled out of her bodies. She had clearly felt during the session how everything was happening and how they would be released from it at the same time in the now.

We were both very touched by this very deep experience. The old trauma was dissolved!

We exchanged ideas for a while and I gave her a book about reincarnation from my shelf and wished her good luck and joy.

For me this was such a special experience. ,First, how everything is guided. How people are led to me, that her husband brought her to me, he had followed his impulse. That she had this vision and especially also that everything was allowed to dissolve !


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what others say

happy souls
Dear Sabine,
What you shared on today's TPS Music4Change Webinar moved me to tears.
Anita Morrow
Sabine has been attending my healing festival many times in the past. She is a wonderful healer, she heals by singing to people.  When my mother had her fist accident falling when she was 80, both of us went to the hospital. Sabine sang to her and I could feel those dark dooming clouds disappear. It filled my mother with so much hope and love, that she was able to recover very fast.
Annette Müller
Your singing is balsam for the soul, an island of light.
Amy Antin
The effects of the healing session I had with you is still working strong. Amazing! I am so thankful for the inspiration and the Energies you gave me. I have so much more faith and strength, thank you!
Sabine entered the room with a chant that came from somewhere deep within her soul. Could it be Hebraic or the echoes from an ancient Mayan civilization? This soul sister sings music for the soul. Seriously. She is a healer, a songwriter and has the voice of an angel. Her harmonies are consistent and clean and light and inspiring and make you believe that the world really is a good place.
Tracie Mayer
Your energy is so connected and full with healing and transformation - thank you so much for sharing.
Kim Conrad
So many images of sacred feminine expression, speaks straight to my heart,  calming my heart... instilling a deep soft confidence. Thank you.
Regine K.
Voice healing: she has a gift
M. Harrell
Your music stirred up emotions. I could only listen to it when by myself. Your voice was equivalent and moving as nature's elements. Beautiful. Your music is healing.
Sandy Wilson
You have an angelic voice. Sabine, I did understand most of it in a linear sense. I felt it in my heart and the calling of the angels.
Sananda Kryst
I have just listened to some of your work Sabine and I was really, really touched by your sound and the depth of your feeling. You have a God-given voice my darling. Nice piano player too! I miss you and I have enormously happy memories of making music with you. Maybe one day...?
God bless, much love and auf wiederhören/sehen.
Jon (Lord)
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He who does not believe in miracles is not a realist.
David Ben-Gurion
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