A wound in the leg

An elderly lady came to me with severe tension in her neck, emotional stress, sadness and worry. I sat her down on a chair and put my hands on her shoulders and let the energies flow in. Then I sat down across from her and got the impulse to touch her left leg and put my hand on it below her knee.

She was quite surprised and said that right there on that leg was an open wound that would not heal and would not close. I was very touched by this. How wonderful how intuition and guidance had led me to the place where it was important to let energies flow in.

When the session was over, she was visibly in less pain, seemed relaxed and she was very grateful and touched. She came back a week later to tell me, among other things, that the wounds on her leg had healed and her shoulder pain was much less.

We kept in touch and from time to time she called for help for her, for her husband or her daughter. Now she passed away some time ago at a ripe old age. May she be blessed with her loved ones and ancestors on the "other" side.