The painting that called me

At a vernissage I was invited to sing about the paintings of different artists. A wonderful work, which I like very much and with which I have already experienced many "miracles".

This time I was just on one floor with the audience and looked around which picture appeals to me. , Suddenly I saw a painting standing apart on the floor, which called me magically.

So I asked the painter if I could sing for the painting and after a slight hesitation she said ok. She had deliberately not put it up, but she let me do what I felt. The call to do so was extremely strong in me.

As I stood in front of it, a very intense chant emerged. When I was finished, I asked the painter what the painting was about. She told me that she had not wanted to present the painting, because it had an extremely sad history. She told me that she had painted the picture after someone in her immediate circle of acquaintances, his family and himself had taken their life and then came to her the impulse to paint the picture to process the grief.

Silence in me, breathe, air... Grief... oooh...

Now I understood why my soul had led me to this picture. It took a lot of healing for this family...

May this family have found peace.

Besides my grief for what tragically happened, I was also completely fascinated by the fact that my soul/guidance had led me to this picture.

So I keep experiencing anew what it is like to be truly guided, to be open and willing to surrender to the impulses of the guidance.

Magical moments and healing can happen on the deepest level and these miracles reveal to us that everything is connected.

So I am always grateful for such special encounters and may much more healing and miracles happen in this beautiful world.