Strained relationship

A woman came to me when she was about to end her long term relationship. We talked about what was going on, what possibilities were there, and her grief and insecurity were clearly palpable.

The request was now in the room, the healing field was open and so I asked for helpful impulses for the benefit of all involved.The singing guided and touched her on the levels where it was important, and she felt well and balanced and went home afterwards satisfied.

A few weeks later I received an email from her:

"So much had changed since then that we decided to stay together." she wrote. ,She had gone on vacation with her husband, had had a great time, and she was grateful, happy and content!

Sometimes it's deep old layers, even from past lives, that get to us here on earth. I think we live in the very relationships that show us what blockages are there, because that wants to be released.

With the vibrations of singing, many layers can be released. Old karmic blockages that stand in the way of an open, loving connection can heal. Old mental injuries that we carry within us, that want to hinder us, can be released. When this happens, relationships can reorient themselves, out of the old entanglements and promises, into a new WITH-one another.

This happens on levels that we are not even aware of, often we almost magically attract the "wrong" partner, but that is exactly where the healing potential lies.

We are here to come in harmony, to find unity, in you and in your relationships.