Embraced by the Light

One day I read a beautiful book, "The spirit of the sun". A beautiful story of a couple in search of the spirit of the sun in Syria.

That morning I was sitting on my couch reading a chapter when suddenly a bright radiant light unfolded around me and completely enveloped me, from top to bottom, from all sides...!

I sat completely enveloped in this light and could hardly believe what was happening to me... I didn't dare to move anymore and stayed sitting very still with the open book on my lap, while I enjoyed this incredible experience.

What exactly had happened and why it happened to me I don't know to this day, but it was a great gift that I will not forget!

I finished the book and of course I often hoped that the light would come again, but it was not so. I realized that such experiences are unique gifts that will not be repeated.

I lent the book to a loved one and never got it back. But who knows, maybe it will find its way back to me someday... or the light will continue to make its way to you… ?