Chanting your own name

Some time ago I found a great exercise by an American who said that it is very healing to chant your own first name.

No sooner said than done, I started right away and chanted "Sabine"

Nothing happened...


But I didn't give up and chose to try a second time and this time I felt my heart and with this heart energy I went again to sing my name. It was joyful and beautiful and deeper and deeper "it" began to work in me.

Suddenly I felt an energy from the earth into my feet, it continued to flow up my body, through my chakra channel as I continued to chant and when the energy reached the top, at the crown chakra, it flowed out of my head into the universe.

That was not all: at the exact moment it flowed out the top, I suddenly saw hundreds of dolphins swimming around me and we were united together in a beautiful energy.

This gift I will have forever in my heart and I am very grateful for this experience!

I can suggest you to chant your name as well. You can heal so much in you with it...