Tuning into a new language

Many years ago I was at a workshop of a Brazilian, Teresa Maciel. ,She had a translator who translated everything from Portuguese to German.

During the lunch break we all sat together, but without the translator, because she was away for a short time. Unfortunately, we could not speak Portuguese, so we were with Teresa Maciel at the table but we could not speak with her because we did not understand anything...))

Suddenly something happened in me, completely unplanned. I don't know what happened to me, but suddenly I could understand Teresa and translate everything she said. I was quite flabbergasted.

Everyone took the chance to ask her questions, which of course I was happy to translate. It would be a very nice lunch and for me a very exciting event which I never forgot...

It's not that I know Portuguese since then: it didn't last, but still a gift to be able to experience that.

I suppose that there is something like language fields, like the quantum fields, where you can tune in and then, for example, as it was the case with me, someone can suddenly speak Portuguese or the light language.

What an exciting topic, isn't it?

Have you ever experienced something like that?

Feel free to let me know!