Heavenly greetings

During the vocal Sound Healing event with the Topic "Remember who you are" I suddenly had the impulse to take the photo of my deceased parents out of the closet again, which I had put away the day before. I had the feeling that it had been put away too soon. My father had only died less than half a year ago. So I got it out again that evening and found a nice place in my room for it.

The next morning I woke up with a song in my head. It was one of the songs that had been played at my father's funeral. A great song, by the way! "From this place" - by Pat Metheny.

While drinking my morning coffee, I was thinking about it while I felt a kind of pressure building up in my chest area. So I decided to listen to the song and thought, surely this will bring some sadness up. , But no, there were no tears at all, but a lot of goosebumps instead, I felt totally beautiful!

Afterwards I wanted to hear the recording from the last evening event, I tried to play it but my computer (or heaven..?) had obviously different plans...

The music program in my computer freely chooses what song comes next and guess what? The next song that came right after was the song that had played at my mother's funeral! Amazing…

I didn't want to listen to it at first, but there was nothing I could do, it couldn't be stopped, even when I was trying, so I decided to listen to it. I was quite speechless I must confess.

Again a lot of goosebumps and this time a happy feeling, because it is a happy birthday song, which I wrote and recorded many years ago for my mom and which was her wish to be played for her funeral.
So I gave thanks for the two heavenly greetings from my parents, so beautiful, isn't it?

Heavenly greetings can also find their way to us with songs. What heavenly greetings have you ever received?