Lost and hopeless

A woman found her way to me, completely desperate, confused, no longer able to make decisions and on the verge of complete hopelessness.

We talked about everything that was bothering her, where she was at the moment and what decisions were tormenting her.

I laid her on the couch and began with appropriate prayers, arising in the moment, to send out spoken impulses to the heavenly realms of light to be allowed to receive the healing uplifting purifying vibrations that would be important for her.

The intuitive singing this time was filled with security and comfort. With light touches of my hands here and there, I ended at her feet.

When I was finished, I asked how she was doing.

She opened her eyes, looked at me, paused for a moment, and then said in complete amazement, "I'm happy!"

What a gift!

I was at least as amazed as you and also totally happy about this announcement and that this was allowed to happen!

After another exchange, we said a very warm goodbye.

I felt as richly gifted as she probably was!

A few weeks later I wrote to her to inquire about her health. She was still doing very well, she wrote.

She had also made the necessary important decisions and was coping much better with everything. , She was singing and listening to the mantras from my sing-along CD very often and she felt clear.

I bow down for the great power and blessing that once again gave us so richly!

Thank you... thank you, thank you !