Vision of a baby

A woman had found my flyer somewhere in Cologne. She called me and asked for help for her niece who desperately wanted to have children, but this did not succeed, which made her very sad.

Of course I can never promise anything and I only help when people wish to receive the service I offer. So I told the woman that if her niece would want to come, I would be happy to receive her.

I said to consider that I cannot "just" dissolve everything and fulfill all desires. This is not in my power, but I would be happy to accompany her and maybe a blockage could be released and some things could be set in motion.

The aunt had informed the niece. The niece was interested and open to it and came a few days later for a session.

After our talk, I sang an intuitive chant for her while she was sitting with eyes and prayed for helpful impulses and vibrations to release the blockages.

She began to cry and was visibly moved.

So I asked her how she was and what was going on.

She said she had seen a golden cord connected with a baby coming towards her. This vision had been very touching.

Now I am aware of what our brains can create before clever imaginations and although I wanted to rejoice with her, I remained cautious and told her that this did not mean with certainty that a baby was coming to her. It could also have been a dream image created. She accepted it and was quite relaxed and in a good mood.

We said goodbye warmly with best wishes and I never saw her again.

About a year and a half later the phone rang and the niece called me. Whether I had an appointment free for her aunt.

Gladly I had time and so she booked a voucher.

Shortly before hanging up, she said to me:

"Oh, by the way, my second baby is already on the way..."

"What?" I asked her totally delighted...! How wonderful, from the heart all happiness and joy!!!

Now that was a surprise!!!!

So her dream had come true.

He who does not believe in miracles is not a realist, is he?