Pink gloves in the forest

It was the fourth time that I gave my WoMan seminar, in a beautiful seminar room near the forest.

This time I had put cards of Khalil Gibran from Hawaii for all participants, without looking or knowing which ones would be for whom.

Everyone took a seat and one by one each person turned over his/her card and spoke what feelings and themes it brought up.

One in the group brought up the color of her card and said she thought that bright pink was awful.

A little while later I asked again why this color was so bad for her?

She spoke and started to cry. It would have to do with her childhood, being a girl and having to meet so many expectations… deep feelings came up in her. I was grateful that I had brought it up again and that she was so open about it.

A little later we all went out into the woods to a place where we had been many times before and had many powerful experiences. The participant with the pink card did not want to go there this time. She had already been there 2 times, also at this place and she apparently didn't feel so comfortable there and asked if we could go somewhere else. So I decided that we would just walk past it.

On our hiking trail, we then stopped there but briefly and completely amazed we saw then there on an old, cut off remnant of a tree, 2 small pink children's gloves!

Their theme was their childhood, the girl, the color pink and then there were these children's gloves and far and wide no one was to be seen! They were just lying a gift from heaven especially for her!

We were all deeply touched by this "miracle" and I invited the participant to take the pink gloves with her for a while on our hike and then put them back on the way back.

Very touched, she took these little children's gloves and we continued walking. So she could find a lot of peace inside and after some tears she relaxed. When we came back to the place, she was more peaceful, calmer and redeemed. She gratefully put back the gloves and we thanked her for the miracle!

So beautiful what can happen and the group supported everything wonderfully and lovingly!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who was there and especially to the Pink Gloves "Fairies..." !