Is there a past life?

A client was led to me by her husband. She had never had anything to do with healing work or anything like that, so she asked me how everything works and what could come up. I explained some things to her and then I started. She was lying on the couch and during the session everything felt good.

At the end of the session she started crying and asked me if it was possible to dive into another past life.

We hadn't talked about it before because it wasn't clear to me at the time if it was possible during a session. But that it could be possible to dive into past lives, I could imagine that. I asked her why she was crying and why she wanted to know this.

Then she told me that she had seen herself in another time. , She saw herself dying in a lifetime of grief and pain and never having processed trauma. She told what she had seen happen in that past life, and likewise she had realized that that pain and grief was still lingering in her present life. She had felt that during the session with me, this pain would be pulled out of her bodies. She had clearly felt during the session how everything was happening and how they would be released from it at the same time in the now.

We were both very touched by this very deep experience. The old trauma was dissolved!

We exchanged ideas for a while and I gave her a book about reincarnation from my shelf and wished her good luck and joy.

For me this was such a special experience. ,First, how everything is guided. How people are led to me, that her husband brought her to me, he had followed his impulse. That she had this vision and especially also that everything was allowed to dissolve !