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My joy and mission is to help people to gain more confidence,
selflove and happiness and health with the power of music and Soundhealing in Lightlanguages.

Do you have the feeling you could be more grounded, more empowered?
Woould you like to know more about your spiritual abilities?

Then this is the right place for you here!
I have many skills to support you to become more at peace and feel stronger. I love to help you releasing old patterns and fears that need no longer to be there.

Music and the human voice have a very strong healing power.
We are all vibration and sounds can move us in various ways,
to tears, joy and uplift, and heal.

During my many years of singing on stage, I became totally facinated by the healing effects of the voice. I started at a very young age to meditate and this brought out the healer in me. I learned to receive wonderful and highly vibrating lightlanguages and became a soundhealer.

The first time I sang these sounds and languages I was so moved by the loving energies and the words, it really felt like my "Home..." It was so deep and profound, I decided to share this gift, what I ve been doing for more then 22 years now.

I give soundhealing sessions 1 to 1: 
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 Join a Healing group event (Voice to heart) online or live.

Listen and download my Songs,
to relax, heal and uplift.

My latest CD  AMÉHA CHANTS is to singalong with chants,
to embrace your true nature, to stay in inner peace and to be happy!


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Sabine van Baaren

Sabine van Baaren

Soundhealing for babies

Are you having a baby?

How wonderful!!!  Is it not the most beautiful miracle in the world?

I am very honoured to offer you my support during your pregnancy.

I offer soundhealing for mothers, pregnant, babies. I also have lots of songs to relax and be inspired.
Lets have a talk to see how you feel, where you stand and what you need.

I offer you support on a regular base, for instance once a month, with talks, healing vibrations, and soft melodies inspired by the heavens and spirit source.

You can also order your personnal recording, that you can listen to whenever you need it and also listen to it when you will give birth to your beautiful baby!

Have you ever considered to get a "Welcome" for the baby? This soothing sounds of my voice can be of great support in the first year the baby is born. It will relax and support the baby and you ll be more relaxed too!
You can see and listen to it on the short video I postet above this here to give you an impression.

Get in touch with me and we ll find out what is best for you and your baby!

Amazing Grace "goes india"

Open your eyes

Soundhealing in Lightlanguages: Clearing Fears, Stress & Virus`s

"Conscious Evolution Summit“ 2020 from Puria Kästele, a wonderful Congress with inspiring interviews from amazing experts such as:

Jim Garrison - How to stay empowered in a turbulent world
Jeff GenungProsocial Spirituality: Where Evolutionary Science Meets Contemplative Inquiry
Jonathan Robinson - Awakening Practices
Peter Merry Ph.D. - "Volution - why transcending linear thinking is key to healing the pain and unlocking the promise"
Tom Habib Ph.D. - "Coherence and Resonance"
Isira - "Grounding in the powere of Consciousness"
Karen Cheong - Group Frequency Calibration
And many more, my interview snippet you can see below.
Book your seat here: Conscious-evolution-summit-2020

Conscious Evolution Summit interview snippet 2020

Soundhealing in lightlanguages with lightcodes

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